Lucas TCS is experienced in the environmental issues impinging on projects. Consequently the systems, procedures and experience we have will be applied in all aspects of our work. Our EMS, supporting procedures and documentation as part of our Management System, provides us with the framework to ensure that the work is undertaken to preserve the environment.  Lucas TCS is experienced in the mitigation of environmental issues that may be associated with a project.  This management system combined with our extensive expertise will be applied in all facets of our work, to preserve the environment.

Our “Control of Work” (IMS requirement) acknowledges the significance of the environmental issues and consequently we have developed methods of work that will ensure achievement of a superior standard of environmental protection.  We will work closely with the relevant Government Authorities to ensure that projects meet all their required environmental objectives. 

As an example of our awareness of the importance of environmental issues, we have developed a strong working relationship with the EPA in relation to our operations in landfill and waste disposal.

Our experience in other projects has enabled us to apply sound operating practices to ensure that environmental objectives are achieved and the environment is preserved.

Lucas TCS has a very high level of expertise in the effective management of waste disposal, environmental impact, landfill, site remediation and decontamination.

Lucas TCS offers clients a complete in house remediation and decontamination solution covering clean up, restoration, transport, off site treatment and disposal of contaminated material.

Lucas TCS has been pivotal to the success of many environmental clean-up projects.